For our project this semester, we had to come up with a design for a 3 story apartment building and add a duplex apartment on top. The 3 stories were to be built with a concrete skeleton structure, but the duplex was a timber frame structure.

For the first 3 stories we had to design a central core for access and one apartment, which could be copied and mirrored around this core. For the duplex we had a lot of freedom : we just had to choose a profession or hobby and design something extraordinary and out of the box. I chose to build something for a photographer, because of my own experience.

In the implementation phase, we had specific orders how to place the duplex on top of the concrete building. We also had to align columns in the timber frame structure on the grid for the concrete structure. They wanted to show us that you can have problems in this part if you don’t keep construction in mind in the design phase. Luckily, I had already thought of this and had only a few small issues to solve.

For this part of the assignment, we also had to make details on a bigger scale, which meant drawing more detailed layers and parts.

Below you can find the drawings for this project.

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