Visualization 4

We had a few smaller assignments to do this semester. One of those was making a moving GIF showing parts of our design for AP4B.

The other parts were making a 3D detail in Archicad, which we had to render in 3Ds max and an exterior view of the project for AP4B and the carcass of the building, also rendered in 3Ds max and retouched in Photoshop. The fourth part was making an exploded view of the project. These elements were put on a poster for the final assignment.

Visualization 3

For the first time, we had to use 3Ds max to make renders of our project “De Tijger” from AP3. Like before, we also had to make a poster with several of our images. The second part of this assignment was to make a flyer as if we were going to sell and appraise our project.

Below you can find my poster as well as the flyer and an example of one of my renders.

Visualization 2

The visualization for semester 2 was about House of Time, the project of AP2. It’s similar to the previous assignment, but this time we had to use more color and improve the black and white 3D drawings. Another new feature was to make a video of a walkthrough through the house.

Below you can find an example, as well as the poster and the video.

Visualization 1

For this assignment, we had to make a visualization of our project “AirBnBruges” from AP1. The object was to make some simple 3D images, draw one perspective and add all these together with some drawings on to one attractive poster.
Below you can find my poster and an example of the 3D images.