“De Tijger”

For my next project I had to team up with a fellow student. The assignment was to design 2 buildings on one site, which already has an existing building. This was to be demolished and replaced. For the design stage I worked with Helene Baneux. The object was to have a public soup bar on the ground floor of one building and a semi-public area in the other building. The next levels were to be apartments accessible for people in a wheelchair. And the top floor was an apartment underneath a pitched roof. This came with new challenges.

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House of Time

The project assigned to us in semester 2, was a house on the waterside. This time we had to design a 3 story building on site Dupont in Bruges for one family. In comparison to our previous assignment, there were a lot more regulations we had to comply to. It was the first time we had to use a green roof system, we had to add room for technical systems and make use of a vide.

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