Visualization 3

For the first time, we had to use 3Ds max to make renders of our project “De Tijger” from AP3. Like before, we also had to make a poster with several of our images. The second part of this assignment was to make a flyer as if we were going to sell and appraise our project.

Below you can find my poster as well as the flyer and an example of one of my renders.

“De Tijger”

For my next project I had to team up with a fellow student. The assignment was to design 2 buildings on one site, which already has an existing building. This was to be demolished and replaced. For the design stage I worked with Helene Baneux. The object was to have a public soup bar on the ground floor of one building and a semi-public area in the other building. The next levels were to be apartments accessible for people in a wheelchair. And the top floor was an apartment underneath a pitched roof. This came with new challenges.

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