Architectural Analysis 4

The assignment is for 2 students to design a 2,5D project which represents one specific architectural style.

Together with Maarten Vanhoorne, we chose the Roman architecture. After analyzing this style, we came up with a design. It represents the various
characteristics of the Roman style, put together in a new composition. You can see the floor plan of Roman baths, the arcades and domes. The four squares represent Roman bricks, water, marble and cassette ceiling.

We decided to 3D print our model in white, so you have the old features in a new way.

3D model made in 3Ds max
3D-printed model

Architectural Analysis 3

Semester 3. The assignment this time is analyzing the work of one architect and digging deeper into one of his/her projects.

I worked together with Ruben Vandenberghe and we choose the work of Eero Saarinen. We had to make to graphical posters. The first one is about his work in general. The second one is about his project : the North Christian Church. We were lucky to have obtained scans of the original plans for the church. So we decided to incorporate this into our posters.

Below you can find our 2 posters.

North Christian Church by Eero Saarinen

Architectural Analysis 2

This time we had to work in groups of 2 and analyze a contemporary public building and compare it to a similar historical building. We chose the Library of Birmingham and the Trinity Library.

The analysis of the contemporary library had to be represented graphically on a poster and we had to explain all our conclusions in a presentation with a powerpoint.

Below you can find the poster and the powerpoint presentation.

Architectural Analysis 1

For this assignment, we had to work in group to analyse a contemporary project. We had to choose a residential building in Belgium or close to the border.
After some research, we chose Du Fossé in Zuidzande, Netherlands by Marie-José Van Hee.

We had to analyse the area and the building itself following the methods we learned. All our conclusions were then put into one review. Below you can see an example of one of the analysis and you can also download our review.