Vienna – Day 5

Today is a more athletic day than usual. And the day starts out great with hot and sunny weather. In the morning we rent some bikes to visit Kaisermühlen and the river Donau. First thing we visit is the Franz von Assisi Church. Although the exterior looks amazing, inside we find it to be more demure than the previous churches we visited.

Next up is the WU Wien, the university for economics and commerce in Vienna. The main building and library are designed by Zaha Hadid, which we can tell straight away. So we decide to enter. Immediately we get the feeling we are still on an open square outside, even though that’s not the case. Every room appears to be a building on its own. The faculty building is the most prominent on site, with it’s yellow and orange rainbow-like exterior. It’s hard to miss. Life on a campus like this intrigues us a lot, it’s a shame we don’t have someting similar on our school.

We had planned to visit the Donauturm next, but time is not in our favor. But we find out that it’s open till midnight, which gives us the opportunity to have a view over Vienna at night. So we decide to go to Stift Klosterneuburg first, for which we have to take the train to the outskirts of Vienna. The monastery sits on top of a hill, hence our athletic day. First up is the church and chapel. After that we decide to look for some cooler places and book a guided tour down the wine cellars of the monastery. The wine tasting after the tour even persuades us to take ourselves. Hopefully we still have some room in our luggage.

After dinner back at the apartment, we head back into town. Time to cool down in a subtropic swimming pool. 2 hours of swimming, relaxing and going down the slide and we are completely refreshed. At 10pm, we leave the pool and take the subway to the Donauturm.

The tower is in a park on the other side of the Donau. Luckily for us route through the park is lit up well, because the rest is pitch black and we have no idea how safe it is at night in an almost deserted area. Once we arrive at the tower, we take an elevator straight to the top. An elevator with a glass ceiling and a monitor to see how fast we get to the top. Scary and impressive at the same time. From the observation deck we get a spectacular view of Vienna at night. We decide to stay for a drink and are seated in the restaurant., which is even higher up. We are really surprised when we get there. It’s a revolving restaurant. In a half hour the restaurant spins 360° while we lean back and enjoy a glass of sprakling wine from Stift Klosterneuberg. Amazing experience!

Timelapse of the view from the revolving restaurant

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