Vienna – Day 1

We start our journey at the gas station in Wetteren, on an hour most people are still asleep. From that point we drive in one car to Brussels airport. Some of us have some stress : Maarten had never been on a plane before and the last flight Helene was on was very bumpy. But after a short and quiet flight, we arrive in Vienna.

The CAT-train takes us straight to the centre of Vienna. We store our luggage in some lockers in the trainstation and head to our first destination : the Wotruba Church. This brutalist church is designed by Fritz Wotruba and has a very sculptural look. Neither the exterior as the interior gives it away that this is actually a church. The building is not old, but you can already see some wear and tear, which isn’t easy to fix or maintain.

In the afternoon we go to the Otto Wagner Pavillion in Hietzing. But it opens for the public at 2pm and we are early. This gives us the perfect opportunity to enjoy an ice cream in the sun. After that, we enter the pavillion. Otto Wagner apparently is the founder of the U-bahn in Vienna. This pavillion is specifically designed for the emperor of that time, Franz Joseph.

After that, we collect our luggage and head to the appartment, which is very big and light, in a nice neighbourhood.

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