Project Week – Day 2

A new day, more lectures. We start with Mieke Vandenbroucke from VIBE vzw, with a lecture about circular building.
We need to start taking care of our planet. Many raw materials are depleting and we have to be careful with what we use and more importantly, start re-using materials and objects.

In the lecture, Mieke talks about RotorDC, a fun site where old materials and objects can be bought and be used in new projects.
We also get a list of materials that can be re-used and are very durable. Something we can implement in our future projects.

The next lecture is all about Aquaponics. This is a green, durable an cyclic system where fish are bred, the excrements of these fish supply nutrients to the plants, because the water in the tanks is used for the plants. The water is filtered and returned to the fish tanks. Result? Fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, herbs and healthy air (thanks to the plants)

In the afternoon we return to working on our own project. We learned that Bruges wants to eliminate cars from the city centre. This means public and alternative transport will become more important. Next to that, they talked about making the city greener. So we thought : why not tackle both items. Create stops for public transport which are greener, more fun and more attractive. And why stop there? Let’s make a concept that can be implemented in multiple areas in the city. So we decide that this is the way we will proceed.

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