Project Week – Day 1

We meet up at the old opera house in Bruges. After a short lecture about it’s history we get a guided tour of the building, which was built in neo-renaissance style.

We continue our day in the “Republiek”, near cinema Lumiere. In this area and around the “Biekorf”, dedicated people are working together to create a new Bruges, were vacant buildings are being repurposed. They look at what the neighbourhood needs and wants and work together with them to create a new surrounding.

After a short lunch break, we get another lecture by Michel Dewilde. A project manager that guides different art and culture projects in Bruges. Later this year they are setting up something new, in cooperation with WORK ac and Howest. Will be continued.

We end the day with one more lecture about how to visualize projects with 2,5D and 3D techniques. But then it is finally time to start working on our own project. After a short brainstorming session, our group finds a interesting concept to work on the rest of the week.

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