Lecture Steven Beckers

On friday March 1st we visited Batibouw. When we first arrived, we attended a lecture by Steven Beckers, an architect specializing in circular economy.

He explained to us that our society is destroying the planet by creating too much waste. In his vision, everyone should think ahead and make sure that everything we use, can be reused, upcycled or repaired. This is called ecodesign. We should create a positive impact instead of just reducing the negative impact.

One of his most impressive and award winning projects is BIGH farm. This is an urban farm on top of the roof of a market hall in Anderlecht. Here he implemented his ideas and created a sustainable greenhouse, outdoor garden and fish farm. The water of the fish farm is filtered and used to water the plants. Only 2 percent of the water disappears in to the sewers.

Copyright : BIGH Farm & Steven Beckershttps://bigh.farm/

The heat in the greenhouse is regulated by adjusting the amount of water the plants get and by opening panels on the greenhouse roof. This way the temperature is never lower than 15 degrees Celcius and never higher than 26 degrees. And all without using mechanical ventilation. This is a perfect example of circular economy.

The lecture was very inspiring and gives me hope that it’s not to late to save our planet, as long as everyone joins hands.

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