Vienna – Day 3

Because the last two days where official holidays, it’s the first time in the week we have to get groceries. So that is the first thing we do today.

After that we take the U-bahn to Spittelau, a thermal waste incineration plant that helps provide energy in Vienna. The plant’s exterior received a fresh and special look, designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Next to the plant, you can find the “Wien Energie-Erlebniswelt” where you can learn all about energy in a playful way. Fun for all ages.

In the afternoon we head over to the Museum Quarter. The Architecture Centre gives us a look into the architectural history of Vienna. Secretly we are impressed by the amount of knowledge we gathered during our 1,5 years of school. Many of the buildings in this museum are very familiar to us. After this we visit the MoMak, the museum for modern art. Sadly, the art displayed in this museum can’t really intrigue us.

We return home via the Flak Tower, one of three towers Hitler had build to protect the city from air raids during WWII. The towers were equipped with radar systems and artillery.

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