CBB – 8380 : Design & Visualisations

For our final project we worked together in groups to design a building in Seabruges to house an art gallery and bring the city together, along with an accompanying square and pontoon. This project was made by Larissa Teck, Jolan Delboo, Ruben Vandenberghe, Helene Baneux, foreign exchange student Ivana Nyvltova and myself and was set up as a architecture contest. The name we chose exists of two parts. CBB stands for C-Bruges Building, with the C for container. 8380 is the zip code of Seabruges.

Located at the marina of Seabruges, the site of 6600 m² is the recplacement of parking spots and an empty square and is the starting point of a new waterside development project. The old building along the water will soon be torn down and replaced. About 1450 m² of this site was to be used for the new building/art gallery, situated on the side of the Kustlaan.

After several brainstorming session, we came up with the idea to make a glass shell housing all the required functions. Inside on the left is an open space five stories high. This is used to stack several shipping containers to form different set-ups for all kinds of functions and events, such as an art gallery, but also a christmas market, a TED talk, etc. Those containers are a link to the city and it’s port and can be found all over the building, square and pontoon. On the other side of the building are cascading platform, holding the other functions. There you can find a restaurant, workshop area and offices and suspended above the open space are the temporary residences for artists. The vertical circulation is on the far right and leads to the platforms and the rooftop. On the roof is a public park, designed to give back the space taken up by the building.

On the square you also have the shipping containers, this time not only as function, but also in the ground, creating different levels. The same containers are also on the pontoon, with funtions such as an access point for water sports.

For the contest part of the assignment, we had to create renders, visualize the floor plans, sections and facades and design panels for our presentation. Together we chose which way to go with the visualisations and created our own style : use of dark orange as a link to rust found on containers and metal structures in a port and a comic style for our drawings. Below you will find several images I made as well as the panels and a video for the presentation. The concept of the project was done as a group, for the visualisation we each did a part. The images below are made by myself or by Larissa and me. The video is also a creation of mine with some scenes made by the other students. The panels were made by Larissa and myself. The images on the panels contain images made by all the students. Jolan, Ruben and Ivana made the models in two different scales to present at the presentation.

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