In our final semester we had to complete an internship in a company in our sector. I started with the architecture firm Reflekt Architects and learned to implement the things they taught us at school, such as drawing plans of existing buildings and new designs, among other. Unfortunately after a few weeks, the pandemic of 2020 occured and I was no longer able to go here.

A teacher at my school, who is a co-founder of PJMARES, an interior design and custom furniture firm, offered an online internship. This way I could complete my assignment from the safety of my home. I worked together with one of their designers and helped build a 3D model of the existing offices of a company. I then changed the model according to the wishes of the client and visualized it following the guidelines of my mentor.

At the end of my internship, I made a portfolio, existing of multiple A1 size pages describing the work I did.

Below are some previews and also the link to download the portfolio (in Dutch).

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