House of Time

The project assigned to us in semester 2, was a house on the waterside. This time we had to design a 3 story building on site Dupont in Bruges for one family. In comparison to our previous assignment, there were a lot more regulations we had to comply to. It was the first time we had to use a green roof system, we had to add room for technical systems and make use of a vide.

My design was placed between two other buildings, which took away a lot of natural light. To solve this problem, I created an outdoor area in the center of the building spreading over all stories. This way you get more light inside the home. I also chose to put the main living area on the top floor with big balconies. The main reason for this was to get the optimal sunlight and views. The bedrooms are on the lower levels.

Design stage :

Implementation stage

Download all drawings here :

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