AirBnBruges : Being creative in Bruges

One of our first assignments for Applied Architecture was to design a small building to house an AirBnB. We were allowed to choose our own location, disregarding logic and cost. An opportunity to be creative. I decided to put this structure on top of one of the roofs of the Belfry in Bruges.

The house had views over the city and would be able to house 2 guests. The larger balcony baths in sunlight during the entire afternoon and early evening. From the smaller balcony on the bedroom side, you could enjoy a beautiful sunrise. In the bedroom itself, the guests could wake up and go to bed with a spectacular view on the belltower of the Belfry.

The entire exterior is covered in bronze cladding, including the sunscreens that prevent the rooms from overheating during those hot summer days.

Design stage :

Implementation stage :

Download all drawings here :

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