Architectural Analysis 5

For this analysis I worked with Jason Brissinck ( We had to choose a public building with a cultural or religious purpose, analyze it on multiple fronts and make a 3D abstract cube representing the building and our findings.

We chose the Concertbuilding in Bruges, designed by Robbrecht & Daem. The building houses two auditoriums. The bigger one in the main building and a smaller one in the tower featuring the stage in the center and seating on balconies going up in a spiral. The tower ais also a beacon to the city, lighting up at night. The building is made from concrete and is covered in terracotta slates to blend in to the environment. The entire building has also been placed on shock absorbers to counteract the motion coming from the cars in the underground parking and tunnel.

For the 3D model, we decided to focus on the floor plan and use of materials. We started with squares, taking out parts just like on the floor plan and made a cube with these shapes. On the outside we put small strips, representing the one on the facade of the Concertbuilding. Several windows were added and covered in transparent colors, the same you can see on the windows and glass railings of the building. The materials were switched from inside to outside and the other way around. Inside we have a terracotta color, representing the slates on the outside. The outside of the cube was painted with a gritty grey paint to act as the concrete and the strips were made in wood, the second material that is frequent in the interior of the building.

Below you can find all schemes we made for this analysis as well as the finished 3D model.

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